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Since history is covered in the literature of practically every discipline, books about the history of any particular topic are found throughout the library. For example, music history books are found on the ML shelves. Books about geographical regions and populations are found under the following call numbers:

D General history, historiography  
DA Great Britain, Ireland  
DB Austria, Hungary, Czech  
DC France  
DD Germany  
DE Greco-Roman World  
DF Greece  
DG Italy  
DJ Netherlands  
DJK Eastern Europe  
DK Russia  
DL Scandinavia  
DP Spain & Portugal  
DQ Switzerland  
DR Balkans  
DS Asia  
DT Africa  
DU Oceania  
E United States  
F US States, Canada, Latin America  


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Reference Books

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The D - F shelves of the reference section (directly on the right on entering the library) have many regional and ethnic reference books and encyclopedias. For example: