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History Resources: Periodical Indicies

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

The Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature is an index to articles published in magazines and periodicals. The OKL has the RGPL from 1890 to April 2003.











In the above example, "MALCOLM X" is the subject entry. The 2nd article can be found in The Nation, volume 201, pages 336-8 in the November 8, 1965 issue. The OKL has print copies of most of the periodicals indexed in the Reader's Guide.

Index of the New York Times

The OKL has a full run of the New York Times from 1851 on microfilm (with the last 3 months in print). The library carries a series of books that you can use to look up articles in the NYT organized by topic or subject (an index). The OKL has NYT indexes from 1862 - April 1996. Here is an entry on Malcolm X in the 1965 index:

If you'd like to read articles from the NYT from microfilm, please ask a librarian how to use our digital microfilm reader.